Zombie Costumes Part 1

How to make a zombie costume

How to make a zombie costume on the cheap.

PDX Zombie Prom presents:
How to make a Zombie Costume on the cheap.
First find some clothes that you don’t mind destroying.
If you don’t have anything, a quick trip to your local thrift store will provide you with a variety of choices
Next make some fake blood. We recommend a mix of chocolate syrup and red food dye. Not only does this make some realistic looking blood, it also smells nice.
Lastly take the sharp object of your choice and (SAFELY) cut and rend your old clothes.
When you are done add the fake blood you made earlier.
That’s it that’s all that’s needed to make a zombie costume. Enjoy and we hope to see you at the prom.

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PDXZP Campaign


Campaign Inforgraphic for PDXZP

PDXZP or PDX Zombie Prom is an event held in Portland Oregon in the Spring.

Http://igg.me/at/pdxzp     http://pdxzombieprom

PDX zombie prom the prom for the rest of us.

PDX zombie prom is in over 21 event held in Portland Oregon in the spring. We want to bring it back this year.

We are looking for $5000 to cover the expenses of: the venue, band, DJs, stage and sound management, decorations, various performers and advertising. As your donations grow so does the prom. What is in it for you? Dancing (shake rock and shamble. Prom photographer (available to document your undeath), Full on prom event ( just like your old prom but with legal booze. Brains, and of course brains.


Conga baby!

Pdx Zombie Prom Infographic

From grave to prom

How to help the PDX Zombie Prom crowdfunding campaign. Step 1: rise from the dead. Step2: go to Indiegogo and make a donation to PDX zombie prom. Step three: Join Zombie Conga line to PDX Zombie Prom this spring!