New Pinterest.

New Pinterest.


We set up a new Pinterest board. Zombie tabletop games. Have you got any games you want to add to the list?

So far our list includes:

Zombie bicycle cards

zombie cribbage

zombie flux

risk: plants versus zombies

Munchkin zombies and its expansion munchkin zombies 4

Undead states of America

Zombie grasslands garden kit

Z apocalypse aftermath

Agamemnon Preppin

Dead of winter

And zombie bowling.

GNU Terry Pratchett

GNU Terry Pratchett

Reddit folks and others have decided to add GNU Terry Pratchett to their website, tweets etc. to keep Terry Pratchett alive. This is based on the concept from one of his books “Going Postal.” The link above takes you to the full article.

The author died the other day, and he will be missed as will his wonderful books and stories. Our sympathies are with his family at this time.



Mummies are not Zombies

PDX Zombie Prom presents Mummies are not Zombies. Some people believe that mommies and zombies are the same. They are after all both undead. Those people are wrong however, they are not the same.

Mummies retain their intelligence after death. Zombies are stupid.
Mummies have been well preserved. Zombies are always falling apart.
Mummies are rich. They have the wealth of the pharaohs to drop on. Zombies rarely have money.
Mummies usually work alone but sometimes had as many as four friends with them. Zombies come by the thousands.

This PSA was brought to you by: the PDX Zombie Prom Indiegogo campaign.

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Bring Back the Prom!

Please Donate

We receive dozens of emails every year asking us to bring back PDX Zombie Prom. We can’t do it without your help. Even a donation of a dollar will help us bring back the prom.

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Seriously there’s over 3000 of you out there, a Single dollar would help us a lot.


Cartoon of PDX zombie prom's webghoul


Greetings zombies and other zombies. Today is the day that we are relaunching the PDX Zombie Prom Website and starting our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Hope you folks are just as excited as we are to bring back this great Portland party.